An Introduction to Unsubscriber

The Unsubscriber is designed to give you complete control over the subscriptions and newsletters coming into your Inbox. It detects emails from mailing lists and allows you to easily remove yourself from the list and manage incoming emails with ease to unclutter your Inbox.

The Unsubscriber is accessed by clicking the Unsubscriber button in the menu.

The Unsubscriber is accessed by clicking a Unsubscriber button

The number on the button includes subscriptions that are “new” to the system. These are subscriptions that you have not reviewed yet, so they will go to your Inbox.

Here is the main interface you will see under the Unsubscriber menu.

Main interface you will see after entering the Unsubscriber menu

This is just a sample of subscriptions this account has. As you can see, there are 320 New subscriptions to review and 68 you Unsubscribed from. Other buttons (Paused, Read Later and In Inbox) show the number of senders this account has selected for each option.

You may notice in your account that some emails have multiple senders, like Quora Digest, Quora Suggested Spaces and the Art Space from Quora in this example.

Some emails in your account have multiple senders

There are many cases where emails are sent from the same email address, but from different persons or entities. Many emails received from newspapers and other contributing platforms, forums, etc. are sent this way. In some cases those different senders will have the same “unsubscribe” link or flow. In that case unsubscribing from one of them will stop emails from the others.


When you Unsubscribe, Clean Email will follow all the steps required to get your email address removed from a mailing list. This usually includes sending a special request, following a few links and in some cases filling a form.

Clean Email will also detect if you are required to log in to manage your subscription and will provide you with a list of such subscriptions so you can finish unsubscribing manually.

If the request is successful, your email will be permanently removed from that mailing list and you will need to resubscribe again from their website or through other means. Clean Email cannot offer an option to Re-subscribe. You can see the status of each unsubscribe attempt in the Unsubscribed tab.

Going to Unsubscribe, you will see something similar to this

Some mailing lists ignore requests to remove your email, require a "grace period" (usually 48 hours to 7 days!), or provide links that do not work. In this case, Clean Email will make sure that emails from such senders will be blocked on arrival keeping your Inbox clean.


If you prefer to temporarily stop receiving emails from a sender but are not ready to Unsubscribe completely, you can use the Pause button. This will instruct the system to automatically send any new emails from that sender to Trash. You can revert this selection and resume getting emails from that sender at any time, by going to Pause tab and clicking on Resume:

At Pause tab you can resume your subscriptions

Read Later

Emails from senders marked as Read Later will be automatically moved from Inbox to a folder named Read Later in your email account. If there is no such folder in your email, it will be automatically created by the system.

This feature is useful to keep a clean Inbox while also saving emails you may want to read for a later time.

To start moving emails from a sender into the Read Later folder select the Read Later button on the sender row. You can always go to the Read Later tab in the Unsubscriber and either move email to inbox or unsubscribe.

Read Later option allows you to stop receiving selected emails in your Inbox

Keep Newest

This is a great feature for time-sensitive emails like daily news or digests. When you select to "Keep Newest" for a subscription older emails from them will be moved to trash – except the most recent one. As soon as you receive a new email from that sender, the older existing emails will be trashed as well. You will have just one email (the newest) in your inbox at any given time from those specific senders.

Select Keep Newest to delete old emails for a subscription

Email summary

On most of the tabs in the Unsubscriber menu, you will notice a button to "Include in summary" on each row. This is checked by default and it means that information about actions taken on those emails will be sent to you in a periodic summary if you have opted to receive such summaries. This is done from account Settings → Notifications, where you can decide how often to receive summaries and for what kind of automated actions

You can decide how often to receive summaries on Unsubscribed and Read later

The options for each of those are: Every Day, Every Week or Never.

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