Everything is very slow or stuck. Why?

Although sometimes the system works slower than normal, it is rarely actually stuck. This usually happens when we index your whole account or run clean actions applied to a large number of emails.

As a third-party email service, Clean Email works just like your email client and communicates with your mail provider programmatically.

All email providers have different kinds of requirements and limitations. They usually limit the amount of emails that can be processed in a single batch, as well as the number of emails that can be processed in a given period of time.

Even though, for example, our system can instruct Gmail to “Delete these 10,000 emails now”, Gmail will not allow that. As we remove, label, or move around large quantities of emails we start seeing responses like “Slow down and retry in 10 minutes.”. At this point our system will slow down as requested but will keep working in the background.

The way various email servers handle requests is also not standard. While Gmail gives exact instructions on the “cool down period”, some other servers just refuse connection without any reason returned, or just a simple message like “Server Error”. Our engineering team gained a lot of experience working with various email servers making sure we properly handle and work around those responses. Behind the scenes we employ custom designed algorithms to choose the most appropriate number of emails to be moved at once, flexible delays, and other tricks to accommodate peculiarities of different email servers.

We’ve built our service to clean your mailbox as quickly as possible but our main goal is to complete the task – and sometimes it takes up to 40 attempts to achieve that.

It’s important to remember that most email services are not designed to move around or delete thousands of emails at once and time and the number of attempts needed to complete such tasks increases exponentially with the number of emails in your inbox and number of emails you are applying an action to.

We can not control nor avoid such limits but the system will keep working until it gets the task done. You are always welcome to get in touch with us via clean.email/support if you think something is not working properly.

Do you have more questions?

Please contact us and we will be happy to help.