I am missing important emails. Why?

Missing emails are usually emails processed by an Auto Clean rule or Unsubscriber. This usually happens when you create “broad” rules like "Archive all emails in Social Notification folder”, “Trash all Dead-End emails”, "Remove all Unread emails", etc. (just a few examples of rules we have seen over time).

Unfortunately the software behind Clean Email does not “know” which emails are important for you and which are not, it only performs the actions you instructed it to. Although most of the time social notifications are useless, there may be cases when they are not. That is the same for dead-ends. Most dead-end emails are useless, but they can also be receipts, bank notifications, etc, which you may want to get/see. Even if there can be use case scenarios involving removal of all unread emails, most of the time that is not something you want to do.

The idea is pretty much similar for Unsubscriber rules. A sender like "name@somesender.com" can mostly send useless emails, but occasionally can send important ones.

There are a few ways to solve this kind of issue:

  1. Delete the automated rules which are too broad (ones applied to whole folders/labels) and make rules based on sender or subject.
  2. Deactivate Unsubscriber rules for senders that you noticed are also sending useful emails (for example, a sender like "no-reply@mybank.com" can also send useful emails in addition to its useless newsletters).
  3. Make a list of sender emails that you know send useful emails and put those in the Exclusion list. That way even if you have an automated rule that would possibly apply to that sender (for example a sender that shows up in Social notifications sometimes and you have a rule to remove all Social notifications), the system will ignore the senders in the excluded list. It will also ignore any Unsubscriber rules you may have made for that sender.
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