The Archive button does not work. Why?

The impression that the Archive button does not work is mostly due to how archiving actually works. What many users do is something like this: they go to Quick Clean, and on the “Emails older than 5 years” card press Archive button. The action will start, but even after waiting for some time, nothing will actually change on the screen. Or, the action will start but show as completed in a second, without no apparent result. The numbers on that card will be the same.

The Archive button does not work

In fact, everything worked but not seeing any change is normal.

That is because even if those emails were archived, they still show up there, because archived emails still exist on your server, just not visible in Inbox or other folders/labels. Applying Archive action again on them will have no effect, or will at most archive a few emails that met the conditions since your last action. However, you will always see them there, because otherwise, you would not be able to apply other actions if you wanted to (for example if you decide to clean up the server and physically remove those emails). The only way to decrease that number is to remove the emails from the server.

There is also a smart view for "Older than 5 years" where you can actually customize the time and also filter results so it does not show already archived emails.

Although using Quick Clean is a very good way to start cleaning your email, we'd suggest using Smart views and manual selection for applying actions rather than Quick Clean. You will have way more control over what emails are being processed and you do not risk removing important emails.

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