Move emails to Trash or Remove them Permanently

When you "Remove" emails from your account they are immediately removed from all folders and labels and cannot be restored. Make sure you only remove emails you are confident you will not need anymore.

When you are moving emails to Trash they are placed into a designated "Trash" folder of your email account (or marked with Trash label for Gmail). This allows you to review them once again before removing completely.

To remove all emails from Trash

Click "All Mail" rule from the list of rules

All mail

Choose to group by "Label" on top

Emails grouped by Labels

Scroll to Trash and click the "..." icon on the right

How to apply an Action to emails

Choose "Remove" from the list of actions and confirm.

The full list of actions you can apply

When completed all emails will be removed from Trash.

Do you have more questions?

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