Block All Emails Sent From A Specific Domain

One tactic used by spammers is to send emails from multiple email addresses and/or multiple subdomains. For example, you can get emails from senders,, and so on. They come in all kinds of forms and are usually computer generated. Blocking such senders one by one is a tedious task and without much chance of success. The right way to fight against those spammers is to block their whole domain. In order to do that you should follow these steps:

  1. Go to Inbox or All Mail smart view in Clean Email
  2. In the Search mail field type “” (without quotes)
  3. Click on the “Select All” button (this is important!)
  4. Click on Block action

What this will do is to create an automated Block rule which will send to trash any new email that contains in the sender email address, even if it comes from an address you never received an email before.

This is a very powerful setup so use it with caution to make sure you are not blocking legit senders.

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