Auto Clean Overview

Auto Clean allows you to apply any action to new or changed emails in your mailbox without any manual work. Think about them as advanced filters. For example, if you choose to enable Auto Clean for all emails from Facebook with the action "Mark as Read" all new emails from Facebook will be automatically Marked as Read.

Another great way of using Auto Clean is to automatically archive emails as they reach a certain age – for example you can assign an action to archive any emails that become more than 3 months old.

Auto Clean powers other great features of Clean Email – Block, Mute, and Unsubscriber.

⚠️ Attention: Be cautious when you create automated rules, especially ones that permanently remove emails. If you automate a broad selection, you risk losing emails in the future.

For example, you may currently have 100 unread emails in your Inbox that you don’t need. You can surely apply the Remove action on all Unread emails from your Inbox smart view, but checking the Auto-Clean box will cause all of your future emails (which are by default unread) to be automatically removed too.

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