Cancelling your subscription

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We suggest everyone to contact our support instead of giving up on the service if some things appear like not working because many times it is a matter of settings. However, we are aware that the service may not be suitable for all needs so we tried to make the cancellation process as straightforward as possible. To start this process you need to go to your account Settings (by clicking the blue button with your name on it) and then click the link that you see under the title “Subscription”.

Canceling your subscription

By the terms or service, all cancelled subscriptions are still active until the end of the billed period so you should not worry that if you cancel your account you will lose access to the system. If you prefer, for any reason, to have your account deleted from the service sooner, please get in touch with us via and request removal of your account.

Do you have more questions?

Please contact us and we will be happy to help.